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A Mildly Indurated, Violaceous Plaque on the Nose in a 78 Year Old Man
Wu-Hui Chang , Kuan-Cheng Hung , Kao-Chia Yang , Mei-Ling Chen , Tsen-Fang Tsa
Dermatol Sinica 22 : 193-194, 2004

Case Report
A 78 year old male without prior history of illness presented initially with a mildly indurated plaque on the nose tip of 2-3 months’ duration. The erythematous plaque was irregularly shaped, and had ill defined margins. Satellite erythematous papules were present surrounding the plaque. Progressive enlargement had been noted for 2-3 months (Fig. 1).Palpation did not cause blanching of the plaque. Other areas of the face revealed telangiectasia and evidence of photoaging. No neck lymphadenopathy was detected. Otherwise, no further symptoms or signs were found. A biopsy was done, and the results were seen in Fig. 2-4.

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