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Erythema Nodosum Associated with Active Cytomegalovirus Infection
Hsin-Chieh Tang, Jia-Tsun Yen, Chia-Chun Kao
Dermatol Sinica 22 : 129-133, 2004

Erythema nodosum is associated with a wide variety of diseases, and searching for the underlying etiology is important for management of the disease. Most adults have already been infected by cytomegalovirus(CMV), often subclinically and asymptomatically. Immunocompetent individuals very rarely present with cutaneous manifestations of CMV infection. We report a rare case of erythema nodosum associated with active CMV infection. A 40-year-old female presented with several tender nodules over the extensor surface of bilateral lower legs. A few days later, the patient also presented with the symptoms of fever and sore throat. Virological survey revealed anti-CMV antibodies IgM and IgG were both positive. Two weeks of therapy with oral ganciclovir successfully relieved the symptoms of fever and painful sensation of the nodules of the legs.

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