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Progressive Disseminated Telangiectatic Macules in a 9-year-old Boy with ongenital Onset
Chia-Chu Tsai , Wen-Chieh Chen , Yu-Wen Cheng , Ji-Chen Ho
Dermatol Sinica 22 : 264-265, 2004

A 9-year-old boy presented with multiple telangiectatic macular lesions since birth. Two telangiectatic macules, about 1 cm in diameter, were initially observed on the temples at birth, and then more and more similar lesions developed on the face, neck, trunk and extremities (Fig. 1). Physical examination revealed asymptomatic, scattered, oval, pinkish to erythematous telangiectatic macules measuring 0.5 cm to 3 cm in diameter, which did not urticate on rubbing but blanched slightly with diascopy. The lesions became pronounced after excessive sun exposure. The lesions persisted and the numbers slowly increased. There was no family history.
Abdominal ultrasonography showed neither lymphadenopathy nor hepatosplenomegaly. In addition to cutaneous telangiectasia, we did not observe epistaxis, telangiectases on the mucous membrane and other significant systemic involvement. A biopsy was taken and the tissue specimen was stained with H & E (Fig. 2) and Giemsa stain (Fig. 3).

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