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A Brownish Elastic-Firm Nodule on the Right Nipple in a 56 Year Old Man
Jen-Hsin Lin, Chia-Yu Chu
Dermatol Sinica 23:109-110,2005

 This 56-year-old man visited our clinic presenting with a nodular lesion on the right nipple. The lesion was asymptomatic and evolved slowly in recent 3 years. Physical examination revealed a pea-sized, brownish, elastic-firm nodule occupying almost the entire right nipple, especially the outer part (Fig.1). There was no underlying mass or axillary lymphadenopathy. He was otherwise in good health and had neither a history of previous skin cancer, a family history of skin cancer, sunbathing, X-ray exposure, arsenic exposure, previous trauma, or pre-existing disease of the nipple. The initial differential diagnoses included skin appendage tumor, benign adenoma, leiomyoma, and basal cell carcinoma. An incision biopsy of the nodule permitted a histologic diagnosis of BCC, superficial pigmented type (Fig. 2, 3). Due to the involved section margin, another elliptical wide excision was performed, and obtaining adequate margins necessitated removal of the surrounding areola as well. There has been no recurrence after follow-up for seven months.

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