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Comparative Analysis of the Prevalence of Atopic Dermatitis in Elementary Schoolchildren in Kaohsiung and Penghu County
Cheng-Yu Wang , Chih-Sheng Lai , Guan-Yu Chen , Yu-Wen Cheng , WenChieh Chen
Dermatol Sinica 24:94-101,2006

In Taiwan, local data about the atopic dermatitis (AD) prevalence have been
insufficient. We survey the AD prevalence in schoolchildren and compare its
difference between Kaohsiung and Penghu county in a cross-sectional
point-prevalence study. Seven elementary schools in Kaohsiung county and four in
Penghu county were selected and schoolchildren were examined by dermatologists in
June 2004 and 2005, respectively. Totally 4,267 schoolchildren (2296 boys, 1971 girls)
in Kaohsiung county were investigated, in which 69 were diagnosed as AD, with
more boys affected than girls(1.46:1). In Penghu county, 142 AD cases were
identified among 3,289 schoolchildren (1693 boys, 1596 girls), with also more boys
affected than girls(1.49:1). Prevalence in high-grade students was lower than those in
mid- and low-grade students(1.80% vs. 3.42%, p<0.01). The point-prevalence of AD
was significantly higher in Penghu than in Kaohsiung county(4.32% vs. 1.62%,
p<0.01). Higher humidity may partially explain the higher AD prevalence in Penghu
than in Kaohsiung county. Further extensive study is necessary to explain the
difference of AD prevalence in different regions of Taiwan.

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