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Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis without Arthritis Successfully Treated with Systemic Corticosteroids- A Case Report and Literature Review
Shao-Min Hsu , Sheau-Chiou Chao , Julia Yu-Yun Lee
Dermatol Sinica 24:119-122,2006

A 46-year-old male presented with a 2-month history of multiple red papules on
the cheeks and extremities without mucosal involvement or arthritis. There were only
some lesions on the dorsal hands without periungual involvement. Biopsy of a skin
lesion showed a dermal infiltrate consisting of mononuclear and multinucleated
histiocytes with granular "ground glass"-like cytoplasm. These histiocytes were
CD68-positive, and S-100 protein and CD30 negative in immunohistochemical studies.
The diagnosis of multicentric reticulohistiocytosis without arthritis was made.
Laboratory data were within normal limits except mild hypercholesterolemia and
hypertriglyceridemia. A survey for internal malignancy showed negative results. The
skin lesions responded to prednisolone 0.5 mg/kg daily. The dose was tapered gradually;
the cutaneous lesions almost completely resolved after 15 weeks of treatment. Whether
multicentric reticulohistiocytosis without arthritis is a subtype with better response to
treatment remains to be confirmed by more clinical observation, but systemic
corticosteroids may be tried first before starting other immunosuppressive or cytotoxic

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