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Generalized Vesicles and Plaques in a 2-day-old Female Infant
Yi-Lin Liu, Ming-Tzen Liu, Wen-Jen Wang
Dermatol Sinica 24:159-160,2006

Case report
A 2-day-old female infant was found to have some rice-grain to pea-sized vesicles
scattered on trunk and extremities since birth (Fig. 1, 2). In addition, erythematous
patches and plaques over face, neck, trunk and extremities with agenesis of right toes
were also noted (Fig. 3). Laboratory data showed leukocytosis with marked
eosinophilia. Echocardiogram revealed patent ductus arteriosus and type II ventricular
septal defect. Computed tomography of brain showed dysgenesis of corpus callosum.
Ophthalmoscopic examination demostrated retinal hemorrhage. A skin biopsy was
taken from a vesicle on the right calf and the histopathology of the tissue specimen
was shown as follows (Fig. 4). There was no family history.

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