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Reevaluation of Behcet’s Disease Patients in Dermatological Department of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung, Based on the Working Guideline Proposed by International Team for the Revision of International Criteria for Beh^et’s Disease
Yi-Chien Yang , WenChieh Chen , Ji-Chen Ho , Yu-Wen Cheng
Dermatol Sinica 25 : 1-9, 2007

Behcet’s disease is a chronic systemic inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology. The diagnosis is made by clinical criteria, as no pathognomic laboratory tests or histologic findings exist. Since 2005 there have been 27 countries participating in a project aiming to validate or revise the actual International Criteria for Beh^et’s Disease. We review and analyze 17 cases (7 men and 10 women) of Behcet’s disease diagnosed in our department during the period between 1995 to 2005, based on the symptom list proposed by the international team. In our series, Beh^et’s disease was originally diagnosed by fulfilling the criteria proposed by the International Study Group for Behcet’s Disease in 1990, and all the associated cutaneous manifestations were confirmed by histopathology. The age of disease diagnosis ranged from 18 to 78 years (mean 38.8 years). Recurrent oral aphthous ulcers were present in all patients as the first manifestation. Genital ulcers were recorded in 53% patients without gender difference. Cutaneous lesions were observed in 88% (15/17) patients at the time the disease was diagnosed, with pseudofolliculitis (11/17) and erythema nodosum (9/17) being the most common skin manifestations. Thirteen percent of our patients (3/17) had ocular lesions (2 men and 1 woman). Two of the three patients have retinitis only and the other has anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis and retinitis. Arthralgia and neurological symptoms were reported in 88% and 12% of the patients, respectively. Positive rate of pathergy test was 59% (10/17). None of the 17 patients has gastrointestinal symptoms. In comparison with the patients managed in the rheumatology department in this hospital, dermatological patients presented less commonly with gastrointestinal manifestations and ocular symptoms. (Dermatol Sinica 25: 1-9, 2007)

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