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Granular Parakeratosis -Report of Two Cases
Yi-Shuan Sheen , Cheng-Shiang Shiao , Tsen-Fang Tsai
Dermatol Sinica 25 : 20-23, 2007

Granular parakeratosis (GP) is an uncommon, benign cutaneous eruption of intertriginous areas that represents a distinctive clinicopathologic entity. Clinically, GP presents with variably pruritic, hyperkeratotic, fissured papules and plaques over an erythematous base, affecting the cutaneous folds. Histological examination shows a characteristic picture with presence of abundant basophilic keratohyaline granules within a compact, hyperparakeratotic stratum corneum. We describe two cases of granular parakeratosis. In case one, the lesions cleared rapidly and completely after botulinum toxin injections to the axillae and groins. At 5-months’ follow-up, the patient remained asymptomatic. Case two is a 4-year-old boy with characteristic lesions in the groins associated with topical agents used.

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