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A 25-year-old man with a dome-shaped translucent nodule on the glans penis
Yi-Shan Liu, Jyh-Seng Wang, Tzong-Shiun Li
DERMATOLOGICA SINICA 28 (2010) 177–178

A 25-year-old uncircumcised man presented with a 2-year history of an asymptomatic erythematous papule on the ventral
aspect of the penile shaft. The lesion had become a larger translucent nodule 3 days previously. The patient stated that he
recently had frequent and vigorous sexual activity with his steady partner. No additional genitourinary symptoms were mentioned.
On physical examination, a solitary 1.2-cm dome-shaped translucent and elastic nodule was observed on the ventral
shaft of the glans penis (Figure 1). Excision surgery was performed and no recurrence was noted. The histopathology of the
specimen is shown in Figure 2.

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