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Skin diseases in Turkish soldiers
Sezai Sasmaz , Mustafa Celik

This study aimed to determine the prevalence of skin diseases among soldiers who were assigned duties
in Kahramanmaras, a province of east Mediterranean region of Turkey. One hundred eighty-eight
soldiers were assessed for skin diseases by a complete dermatological examination and the findings
were recorded to a form. Apart from the low number of older ones, the soldiers were of 20e22 years. The
diagnosis of superficial fungal infections was made by the use of potassium hydroxide preparations in
addition to clinical appearance. On completion of the study period, the data were evaluated, and patients
were grouped. Pitted keratolysis was the primary dermatologic disease in 34.5% of the soldiers, 29.2%
were diagnosed with oral candidiasis, and 25.5% suffered from tinea pedis. Among the soldiers suffering
from a cutaneous disease, dyshidrotic eczema (18.6%), intertrigo (excluding candidal intertrigo) (17%),
acne (17%), seborrheic dermatitis (14.9%), plantar hyperkeratosis (14.3%), contact dermatitis (13.8%), and
folliculitis (12.2%) were the other most frequent dermatoses. Other less frequent dermatoses were
asteatotic eczema, callus, onychomycosis, traumatic onychodystrophy, and so on. We conclude that the
prevalence of skin diseases in soldiers is very high and is one of the major public health problems that
have a significant burden on our nation.

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