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Herpes zoster with autonomic dysregulation presented as alteration in local microcirculation: a case report
Tommy Chih-Chieh Chang , Yi-Ying Chin , Cheng-Che Eric Lan

A 68-year-old-man without any systemic disease presented at our
dermatology outpatient clinic with the chief complaint of pain
described as throbbing and burning along his right abdominal
wall. This is followed by an eruption of clustered vesicles along
the right T10–T12 dermatome. After admission and treatment
with intravenous acyclovir for 3 days, the patient was discharged
with further follow up. During a routine check up, 1 month after
discharge, the patient showed full recovery of epidermal wound
with subjective improvement of acute herpetic pain. However,
mild postherpetic neuralgia was still noted 1 month after disease
onset with residual postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. In addition,
a conspicuous protruding mass measured at 7 cm 7 cm over
his right abdominal wall coinciding with the distribution of
previous zosteriform skin eruption was noted during follow up
physical examination (Figure 1).

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