Diagnostic Quizzes
What is your diagnosis?

The questions in this section were provided by the articles published in resident’s forum of Dermatologica Sinica.
Please choose the question, provide your answer, and read the correct answer and discussion.


Quiz 1
A solitary nodule of the right cheek


Quiz 2
A patient with Sjögren’s syndrome

Quiz 3
multiple deep and necrotic ulcers on the face


Quiz 4
Multiple mobile and firm subcutaneous nodules

Quiz 5
A fusiform nodule on the flank


Quiz 6
Multiple purpuric nodules on the tongue

Quiz 7
Papulopustular eruptions of bilateral soles


Quiz 8
An Intriguing Subcutaneous Nodule on Right Upper A

Quiz 9
A Painless Mass on the Upper Arm

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